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The idea of Burnt Butter started bubbling away over 15 years ago when Claudia and Ryan met during their apprenticeships- Ryan on the savoury, Claudia - the sweet.Over the years they’ve moved countries numerous times including Melbourne and London, often stepping in to help each other at their various jobs and realising they could work quite happily together without killing one another. 

A classic brunch set up at Burnt Butter Diner complete with hot cuppas

Eventually it was time to move home to Auckland where they would be the opening kitchen team for K rd institution Gemmayze St, along with Head chef and owner Samir Allen. 

After a while Ryan moved on to run his own kitchens while Claudia, having had their daughter in 2018 moved on to the more family friendly hours of made to order cakes and other treats via Instagram under the name Sweet Cheeks.

In 2019 the chance to create Te Whau Eatery introduced them to the suburb of Avondale and while that venture was unfortunately short lived they realised they were there to stay. The couple are of the opinion everything happens for a reason though and with Covid came unexpected opportunities. This came in the form of Ol' Mate, the bright yellow caravan you can't miss (parked up at 1855 Great North Road) which Claud runs with Bree who had become a close pal after managing Te Whau for them.

The shopfront of Burnt Butter Diner in Avondale, Auckland

From there, a permanent brick and mortar spot around the corner became available and Burnt Butter finally had a place to call home and space for Ryan to yet again come on board. 

Burnt Butter Diner focuses on locally sourced, simple and delicious plates served up with a cup of filter coffee (no frothy coffees here). 

Our online offerings are starting with a range of cakes and bakes available to order and pick up, with additional items being added organically as we find our groove.

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